About Me (Dec 23, 2023)

I was born in 1997 and started my career in magnets right after graduating from college in 2019. I’ve been looking for magnet-related challenges from tech companies where our team’s expertise and experience can be valuable.

Business Journey in the USA

Since Nov 29, 2023, my girlfriend and I have been on a business trip across the USA. We visited Texas, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Florida to connect with local clients.

I was willing to fly for a few hours and spend one or two nights in the clients’ cities. The purpose was to engage in face-to-face meetings with their engineers, purchasing managers, or CEOs, even if just for 60 minutes. I believe a short, yet in-person communication is way more effective for trust-building and collaborative problem-solving compared to emailing or calling.

Jonah Jin at OTIS
OTIS in Connecticut

Value Proposition

Selling magnets as a commodity is the least thing we do. We design and optimize magnet systems in your product for cost-effectiveness (either stronger at the same cost, or costing less with the same strength). Basically, our team solves magnet-related challenges for you that other magnet companies are incapable of solving.

Selling magnets as a commodity is the least thing we do. We empower tech companies with innovative magnet solutions.

Jonah Jin

Customer Service

As a manufacturer located in a non-English speaking country, being robust in manufacturing and maintaining stability in business operations are essential foundations. However, we recognize that responsiveness, resourcefulness, and effective communication are equally crucial when working with engineers, purchasing managers, or CEOs in English-speaking countries. That’s where our customer service team come in. (To be continued)