Hope you find happiness in heaven.

Sadly, our beloved dog Oreo passed away in a car accident this week at 14:58 on Wednesday. Upon hearing the news from Luyi’s father, we immediately flew back from Shenzhen. 

Especially for Luyi, we truly don’t believe we’ll ever fully recover from the grief of Oreo’s passing. He was about to turn nine next month and meant the world to us. We deeply regret not spending more time with him while he was alive. I remember Oreo was barking loudly as we left him at Luyi’s parents’ home on Monday evening. It feels like he may have sensed something bad was about to happen and was trying to asking for help from us. He even jumped into the car before we set off and refused to leave because he wanted us to take him with us. However, we coaxed him out of the car. Looking back, there were so many other things we could have done differently to prevent this tragedy…

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  1. 抱抱你!我们家之前的小泰迪也是一场意外离开我们,我也伤心了很久!(邻居的小孩不小心摔到地上)好在你还有很多照片和美好的回忆!我们的照片就只有几张,非常遗憾。

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