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刚开始做外贸时,认为开发客户就是写邮件打电话。但是效果不好。 后来听说了网站SEO,经过一番摸索也有了不定期的客户主动询价,我便认为客户开发就是做好SEO营销。 慢慢地,我发现一个问题:客户询价多,我的资源和业务沟通能力也很出色,但就是得不到机会。 我的业务和产品专业能力的确很强。然而,光有业务线索不够。我要做物理空间上距离客户最近的那个供应商。这次美国之行的目的就是为了在将来不断实现这个物理空间上的条件。

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From Student Part-Time Jobs to Millionaire Dreams: The “Summer” I Know

How I Met Summer at Abercrombie & Fitch Inspired by Paul Graham‘s insights on the importance of ambitious people surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals, I’ve decided to write about a young woman whom I knew at Abercrombie & Fitch (Ningbo Tianyi Square) during our time working part-time jobs as students. This young woman named Summer is the same age as me, born in 1997. Remarkably, at the young age of 26, she has been earning…

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