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Adjusting to Life and Business: Reflections on Kunming and Plans for the Second Half of 2023

After returning from a half-month trip to Kunming, it takes some time to readjust to the regular city life I am accustomed to. This is particularly true during a period when business is not as prosperous as before due to the global economic downturn. Around this time last year, we received business inquiries on a daily basis, with customers placing orders every week. However, things have been a bit different in 2023. While we are…

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A Journey to Kunming: Exploring Dian Chi and Unexpected Encounters

I began this personal blog website as a means to express my thoughts and share my experiences. I enjoy sharing various things, including captivating photos and unexpected encounters. Usually, whenever I feel inspired, I would post something on my WeChat Moment. However, blogging is a different endeavor. It requires me to sit down and organize my thoughts before putting them into words. Last Thursday at 16:30, my partner and I embarked on a trip from…

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