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Trading Company: Yes or No?

The featured image, while unrelated to this blog’s content, may complement the question posed in the title. Recently, a client asked whether we operate as a trading company or a factory. They’re searching for a partner proficient in both magnetics and plastic injection molding. This is a nuanced question, as many believe working directly with a factory improves communication and lowers prices by cutting out the middleman. I detailed my personal connection to Tengye and…

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Fusing Plastic Business and Marketing: Bridging Ideas with Action

Inspiration hit me after today’s dinner. Lately, I’ve been immersing myself in two subjects: the plastic business and B2B online marketing. I’ll admit, my learning approach has been a bit scattered. But my end goal is crystal clear: I aim to apply my marketing skills to give a significant boost to my future magnet and plastic business. However, putting marketing theories into real-world practice is a whole different ball game. There’s a lot to consider—webpage…

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Fusing Magnetics and Plastics: Building a Moat for Innovation in the Manufacturing Industry

In many applications, neodymium magnets are commonly utilized alongside plastics, where they are integrated to form a single unit. Last year, I successfully redesigned a system that combined magnets and plastic, resulting in reduced costs and enhanced magnetic strength. There exists a fundamental difference between magnets and plastics in terms of commercial manufacturing. Neodymium magnets are machined parts, while plastics are typically produced through injection molding, requiring specialized molds. When a customer invests in a…

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