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Jonah. How do you feel about your time in the US? What stands out?

Thanks for asking, John. I’m going to give a long answer for the questions. The past 50 days have been a rollercoaster of flights and road trips. The money we spent during this time is twice the annual income from my first job. Living in the United States is no joke when it comes to expenses. But for me, every bit of exhaustion and every dollar spent has been worth it, thanks to the amazing…

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Business Thought Work

Self-reflection after Two Weeks in the United States

Over the past two weeks, I have met with 6 client companies in various cities across the United States. In the coming four weeks, I am scheduled to meet with another 6. Interestingly, business is often the least discussed topic in our meetings. Instead, my goal is always to “seek attention” by physically being closer to current and potential clients. I am willing to fly for two hours just to have a 30-minute meeting with…

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Inspiring Friendships: Yang Di, Summer, and Personal Growth

After achieving a certain level of career success, I frequently find myself receiving recognition and admiration from various individuals — both those of my generation and those older. The sensation is certainly gratifying for a period. Still, in the middle of all this, I have an ongoing hunger for a specific kind of pressure — the gap between where I am now and where those who have achieved more are. Today, that yearning got a…

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Thought Work

The ‘Who Not How’ Mindset for Exponential Growth

Recently, I’ve been reading the book “10x Times Is Easier Than 2x” and one concept that really struck me is “Who Not How.” It emphasizes the importance of leveraging other talented individuals when aiming to grow your business exponentially. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, surround yourself with experts who excel in specific areas. This shift in thinking is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to achieve long-term success. I vividly remember when I first started…

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