Inspiring Friendships: Yang Di, Summer, and Personal Growth

After achieving a certain level of career success, I frequently find myself receiving recognition and admiration from various individuals — both those of my generation and those older. The sensation is certainly gratifying for a period. Still, in the middle of all this, I have an ongoing hunger for a specific kind of pressure — the gap between where I am now and where those who have achieved more are. Today, that yearning got a…

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Life Thought

Halfway Through 2023: A Journey of Firsts and Personal Growth

Today marks the beginning of the second half of 2023, a time to reflect on the past six months of my life. During this period, my focus was primarily on work and training my team members. It was a time of trying new things and facing various challenges. One significant experience was having to let go of an employee for the first time. It was a tough decision that tested my management skills. On a…

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