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Will reading this book make me stop being an atheist?

While in Dallas, I attended church on a Saturday with the family of a potential client, whom I had just presented my company’s pitch to.

It was my first real exposure to Christianity.

After the service, we had lunch with Richard, whom we had met at the church, along with his wife and daughters, all devout Christians.

Richard shared how his life transformed and he found inner peace through his faith.

Initially, I was skeptical, but reading the book “The Case for Christ” prompted me to reconsider…

It might sound odd, but I’m really hoping this book will change how I see Jesus.

I’m looking forward to being convinced of his existence by the evidence in this book, especially after reading about the following content. The first paragraph really resonates with me right now.

“Leslie stunned me in the autumn of 1979 by announcing that she had become a Christian. I rolled my eyes and braced for the worst, feeling like the victim of a bait-and-switch scam. I had married one Leslie–the fun Leslie, the carefree Leslie, the risk-taking Leslie-and now I feared she was going to turn into some sort of sexually repressed prude who would trade our upwardly mobile lifestyle for all-night prayer vigils and volunteer work in grimy soup kitchens.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised–even fascinated–by the fundamental changes in her character, her integrity, and her personal confidence…”

Inside The Village Church (Dallas, TX)

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