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Random thoughts during my flight from Detroit to Chicago.

Flying first class can be painful when you’re not actually that well-off. But once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to go back to economy.

Flying first class offers more than just physical comfort. Mentally, I need it to feel different from most people who fly economy class. I believe I’ll be very successful one day, and I’ll fly first class without even checking the rates.

I have a temper that I can’t resist. Even with my closest girlfriend, there are times when I find myself shouting at her. It’s not good, but now I feel it’s unavoidable. Perhaps it’s alright for me to accept being my imperfect self.

Flying across the United States costs a lot of money. The purpose of a long flight might just be to meet one person for an hour. However, I am hopeful that this one-hour meeting could generate significant value in the long term, even over a span of ten years.

The plane just landed in Chicago (ORD). – Jonah, 7:31 PM, December 7


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts during my flight from Detroit to Chicago.”

  1. the way you spend money gave a good lesson, and not for one time, but many times.

    with that said, in my opinion, the first class you paid was VERY worthy, especially when you look back when you are successful on day (maybe just in the very short future).

    as you mentioned, the extra money you paid is not for physical comfort, you paid for a high level of thinking and experience.

    take care man

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