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Self-reflection after Two Weeks in the United States

Over the past two weeks, I have met with 6 client companies in various cities across the United States.

In the coming four weeks, I am scheduled to meet with another 6.

Interestingly, business is often the least discussed topic in our meetings.

Instead, my goal is always to “seek attention” by physically being closer to current and potential clients.

I am willing to fly for two hours just to have a 30-minute meeting with a single person in a particular state, even if it means staying there for two nights.

I hold a somewhat naive belief that the physical impression I leave will foster greater trust and open up more opportunities in the years ahead.

Moreover, in-person conversations tend to unveil insights and specifics that are rarely communicated through emails or video meetings.

My experience in the United States contrasts sharply with that in China, where my interactions are mostly with colleagues, industry peers, and domestic business partners.

Here in the US, facing clients makes me feel a different version of myself. My limited speaking proficiency in English and lack of experience in face-to-face interactions with overseas clients contribute to a sense of youthfulness and inexperience.

It’s a constant reminder that I have much to learn and experience, possibly through making mistakes.

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