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2023 Recap

I’m sharing this post to sum up my experiences in 2023.

For our business, this year marked a decline compared to 2022 in terms of sales and profit. However, we’ve started working with several companies in the early stages of their projects. These projects are more technically solution-oriented instead of pure price competition.

As a magnet company, instead of relying on traditional methods like sending “junk emails,” we’ve successfully attracted potential clients by creating valuable content and engaging in SEO marketing.

We’ve also learned to say “no” to business opportunities that revolve around price competition or aren’t a good fit for us.

On a personal note, the most significant event was obtaining a US visa and visiting the USA for the first time. This trip also marked my first time leaving China.

Over the past 33 days in the USA, I’ve explored 9 states and met with a total of 9 clients, including sourcing managers, mechanical engineers, CEOs, and Presidents. Rather than seeking immediate business opportunities, I view these experiences as part of my personal growth. As a non-native English speaker, I’m now comfortable joking around with people from different cultures.

I also learned the importance of teamwork. Instead of doing everything myself, I began trusting my team, delegating tasks, and empowering others. This shift helped me focus on activities with long-term benefits.

Looking ahead to 2024, my plan is to spend more time in the USA. I love the diversity and vibrancy of this country, and I enjoy doing business with American people for their straightforward approach in business.

I hope to discover more opportunities for solving magnet-related problems for tech companies here. Helping them succeed means helping myself succeed.

Jonah Jin
Camarillo, CA 93010

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your 2023 recap.

    Your insights into business and personal growth are not only enlightening but also deeply inspiring to me, and I really mean it.

    Stay cool in U.S.!

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