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Building a Versatile Team: Lessons Learned on the Journey to Success

Running a company and building a team can indeed be challenging, but they can also be immensely enjoyable. Throughout my journey, I have constantly strived to distinguish ourselves from direct Chinese competitors who solely compete on price. Today, I shared the following words with my team.

With “magnets” as our business focal point, we rely on our specialized foreign trade capabilties, deep knowledge of permanent magnets and magnetic application technologies, and a proactive service approach to address challenges that may surpass the abilities of other Chinese suppliers. Our goal is to establish a versatile team, cater to major clients, pursue rewarding projects, and achieve high profitability.

I remember Steve Jobs once said something like this: We should take a longer-term view on people. Instead of just trying to fix problems, our mindset should be about creating something great not just for the next year, but for the next decade. When something goes wrong, our first reaction shouldn’t be to simply fix the problem. We should think about how we can help that person learn and grow from their mistakes.

Now I can truly relate to what he said. For a company like ours, it’s not always easy to find someone who can do the job perfectly right from the beginning. It takes a lot of communication, training, and yes, even making mistakes along the way. As someone in my position, my primary responsibility is to support the growth of others. This has been the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the past six months.

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