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Expanding Business Horizons with Standard Mounting Magnets

After creating PDF drawings for our standard mounting magnets, I successfully designed a standard product page today with the assistance of Ben, my website consultant (Featured Image).

My intention is to venture into a different business field that does not directly compete with other Chinese magnet companies. The strategic move of establishing our own standard mounting magnets and creating individual pages for each item aims to directly connect with customers who require mounting magnets. Furthermore, we can set prices for these items not solely based on manufacturing costs but potentially with a higher mark-up, benefiting from a less competitive market landscape. This approach allows us to create value more effectively within our limited time.

product page of our mounting magnets
sample product page

2 thoughts on “Expanding Business Horizons with Standard Mounting Magnets”

  1. My honor to show up in this post 🙂

    It’s a very special memory for me in the summer of 2023, still remember (strongly and deeply) the first day we met and that special dinner just next to the lake, as well as the amazing blue sky, the Moon and the Venus, and the breeze.

    Thanks for visiting Kunming, you and Daisy are nice/kind/awesome, so happy to meet you guys and exciting to hear your story and dreams, to be frank, I envy you, esp. your ambition and goal.

    Take care and carry on dude.

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