mounting magnet drawing

Creating Standard Mounting Magnets: Challenges, Perseverance, and Attention to Detail

We have been collaborating with a US magnet distribution company for over six months. Recently, I realized the importance of creating our own standard mounting magnets. While generating ideas is relatively easy, executing those ideas can be quite challenging. To assist me in this process, I hired someone and paid them 200 yuan to create a desired drawing template and teach me how to integrate it into Solidworks. However, the work they delivered did not meet my perfectionist standards. Despite multiple rounds of communication for modifications, I found myself staying up late to refine certain details. Eventually, after completing the template, I was able to convert the .SLDASM files into .SLDDRW and then into PDF drawing documents. I would like to share an example of my work. This task is essential, demanding meticulous attention to detail and patience.

mounting magnet drawing
Mounting Magnet Drawing Example

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