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Driving Towards Success: Lessons from Jim Rohn and Holiday Reflections

Jim Rohn once said, “Success is what you attract, not what you pursue.” I absolutely love listening to his insightful seminars on YouTube while driving. Rohn’s words always get me pumped up and motivated to work on myself.

Ever since I was a kid, I realized the importance of reading books, starting with self-help books. These books were easy to read and gave me a boost of energy and a sense of comfort. Even when I wanted to improve my language skills, I still gravitated towards self-help books. The two books that left a lasting impression on me were “Think and Grow Rich” and “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” Some people might say these books don’t offer practical solutions to real problems. But hey, I believe they are the best mentors for folks like me who aspire to achieve success.

Today is the last day of the Dragon Festival, a three-day holiday for us Chinese folks. Usually, during holidays, I like to catch up with old friends, get some work done, and enjoy a bit of driving. Speaking of driving, this time it wasn’t all about joyrides and sightseeing. Instead, I found myself playing the role of a chauffeur, shuttling my partner to her parents’ place, visiting my own parents and grandparents, making another trip to her parents’ place, and finally heading back home once the holidays came to an end. It was quite a busy schedule, but I managed to squeeze in some work whenever I had a spare moment between drives.

Let me tell you, the first two days of the holiday were quite challenging. I barely got any sleep because I was fully immersed in website development and managing two significant potential projects. Managing projects is a whole different ballgame compared to dealing with inquiries, sending quotes, and practically pleading for orders, which is what I usually do when working with distributors. Working directly with end-customers from the initial design stage may sound appealing, but it demands immense patience and an unwavering belief in the project’s success, even when the odds seem stacked against you. But you know what? That’s precisely how we achieve success—by holding onto beliefs that most people give up on or never even attempt. It’s akin to venture capital, where the majority of investments may falter, but the few that soar can yield enormous returns.

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