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Why N42 Magnet can operate well beyond 80°C?

When choosing a magnet for high temperatures, it’s a common mistake to simply rely on the maximum working temperature specified on the neodymium magnet grade data sheet. This only holds true when the length-to-diameter (L/D) ratio is 0.7. N M H SH UH EH 80°C 100°C 120°C 150°C 180°C 200°C Maximum working temperature of different neodymium magnet grades when L/D ratio is 0.7 Body Build Analogy When explaining this concept to engineers, I frequently use…

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Beyond Magnet: My 2024-2030 Blueprint

I consciously decided to share my six-year business plan with the market, rooted in my extensive experience in the permanent magnet industry. From this strong foundation, my objective is to deliver exceptional project support and manufacturing services to businesses across the USA. Background The Saturated Market of Neodymium Magnets My journey began as a sales manager, marketing and selling neodymium magnets produced in China to various countries. However, the neodymium magnet sector has been saturated…

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