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Unveiling Success: How We Partnered with a Top Robotics Company as a Young Magnetics Company

This month, our company achieved a significant milestone by becoming a business partner of one of the world’s most advanced robotics companies. It took us a full two months to go from our initial contact to securing an order. As a relatively magnetics company, this achievement holds immense importance for us. I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the key factors that contributed to our success. How did we manage to establish a working relationship with such a renowned company, as acknowledged by Wikipedia?

At the heart of our success lies the power of content marketing, which allows us to deliver value to the market. This formed the foundation of our journey, which required a combination of essential elements. It all began with our insatiable curiosity and eagerness to delve into a specific magnet technology and its applications. Equally vital was the cultivation of strong partnerships with our suppliers, whom we consider as valuable allies. Without exceptional suppliers, our success would have been unattainable.

However, intangible factors also played a significant role, best summarized as “belief.” We maintained unwavering faith in the potential success of our project, even when the interest from our supplier wavered. This unyielding commitment propelled us forward, enabling us to overcome challenges and discover alternative paths.

Effective communication skills were another crucial aspect of our journey. Some technical questions from customers initially seemed unrelated to our manufacturing perspective, but we skillfully navigated these differences in thinking. By doing so, we fostered successful collaborations that may pave the way for innovative developments in robotics technology.

Our story began in early February of this year when we received an inquiry from SEW Eurodrive regarding a special magnet. Although we were relatively new to this type of magnet, we devoted ourselves to studying it alongside our supplier. Unfortunately, SEW Eurodrive did not ultimately select us for the project, and it did not move forward. However, this experience provided us with extensive knowledge about the manufacturing techniques, shape and grade limitations, and various applications of this particular magnet. Leveraging this newfound expertise, we created unique and engaging content that positioned us as the leading source in the magnet industry. As a result, our content ranked at the top of Google search results, capturing the attention of the robotics company, which eventually reached out to us.

This emphasizes the pivotal role of our marketing efforts as the initial step in creating valuable content driven by our unwavering eagerness to explore and learn. Subsequently, the consultation and sales process took approximately two months. Based on our experience, new project inquiries often come from product designers and engineers seeking technical consultations. These individuals prioritize a deep understanding of the technical aspects of magnets, moving beyond just price and delivery. Therefore, we continually stress the importance of expanding and deepening our technical expertise in magnetics within our sales team. This enables us to effectively communicate with customers, resulting in increased collaboration opportunities.

Our journey has taught us that success is born from a harmonious combination of content marketing, unrelenting curiosity, strong partnerships, steadfast belief, and effective communication skills. We remain committed to further enhancing our knowledge and expertise in the field of magnetics and magnet applications. Our primary goal is to empower our customers with state-of-the-art magnet solutions, enabling their success and fostering growth.

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