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The ‘Who Not How’ Mindset for Exponential Growth

Recently, I’ve been reading the book “10x Times Is Easier Than 2x” and one concept that really struck me is “Who Not How.” It emphasizes the importance of leveraging other talented individuals when aiming to grow your business exponentially. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, surround yourself with experts who excel in specific areas. This shift in thinking is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to achieve long-term success.

I vividly remember when I first started my own business and received straightforward advice from a mentor. He told me that relying solely on my own efforts would limit my potential earnings. To truly expand my business and increase profits, I needed to build a team. At the time, I didn’t fully grasp the significance of this advice, but now I realize how true it is.

However, I’m not here to glorify the concept of “Who Not How” entirely. There are instances where it’s necessary to learn a skill and handle certain tasks on your own. Some things are too important to delegate because others may not view them with the same level of significance as you do.

For example, I had been eager to learn about magnetic system simulation (FEA) since last year. Unfortunately, there are very few people with the expertise in this area, and it’s considered a core competence. Approaching someone to teach me would mean potentially cultivating a competitor. Nonetheless, my determination to acquire this skill was unwavering. I reached out to doctors in various institutions, seeking recommendations for a student who could teach me, even if I had to pay for their services. Fortunately, within a few days, I found someone willing to collaborate. We had two two-hour online sessions for teaching and learning. Subsequently, I dedicated the following 12 hours to studying and practicing what I had learned. I used a product I had previously designed for an engineering company to validate the simulated results against actual testing outcomes. The pull strength results turned out to be very close.

comsol multiphysics jonah magnet
2D plot
simulated magnetic pull strength
simulated magnetic pull strength
HB7320 halbach assembly
HB7320 halbach assembly
QC inspection report
Pull strength testing results

This newfound skill has expanded my ability to assist a broader range of customers who require magnetic simulation support in their product design. Moreover, it has deepened my understanding of magnetic behavior. I firmly believe that this capability will add significant value to my future clients, ultimately generating more business for us.

However, I acknowledge that at some point in the future, this critical capability will constitute the majority of my workload—around 80%. When that time comes, I will pass it on to someone else, relinquishing that 80% and venturing towards the next seemingly impossible challenge. This continuous pursuit of pushing boundaries and aiming for 10x results remains the driving force behind my professional growth and success.

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